Defining The8th Continent

The definition of a continent can be found online from an oracle of The8th:
Conventionally, “Continents are understood to be large, continuous, discrete masses of land, ideally separated by expanses of water.”[4] Many of the seven most commonly recognized continents identified by convention are not discrete landmasses separated by water. Likewise, the ideal criterion that each be a continuous landmass is often disregarded by the inclusion of the continental shelf and oceanic islands. The Earth’s major landmasses are washed upon by a single, continuous World Ocean, which is divided into a number of principal oceanic components by the continents and various geographic criteria.[5][6]
That being said, I define the Internet as The8th due to the fact that it meets some of the criteria as theoretically posed as a single continuous place.
I ask:
Where is the beginning and end of the Internet?
If a continent is not necessarily politically defined, what are the politics of the Internet?
Is it not wise to keep the Internet separated by/from expanses of water?

[of course undersea cables are stridently waterproof]

Are there not places, communities and now even clouds on The8th?

© Charles C. Malloy | | | | 1990-2021

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