The8th Continent

exploiting a view of the Internet as the eighth continent of humankind,  the first created only by humans and ultimately providing thru collaboration a Socio-Economic-Technological [SET] continent that in less than 40 years has become globally inclusive.

Moreover, the impacts, both positive and negative, will be discussed in a manner to illicit 21st century thinking. Every denizen of The8th Continent has a part to play in the evolution of man’s greatest invention since the printing press

As the population of The8th contiuess to exponentially expand, there are social, economic and technological factors that impact and continue to evolve in paralell with the organic growth of the ehuman denizen population of The8th. The depth of the discussion will in some parts be comprehensive while others will just lend some clarity to the topic at hand.

More to come….

The background Site Image is “Politicians discussing global warming” — that’s what social media users have dubbed this tiny puddle sculpture by Spanish street artist Isaac Cordal. The sculpture is actually called “electoral campaign” Gendarmarkt. Berlin. April. 2011

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